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Escape into the whole new world of iOS APK games

Are you a die-hard fan of decent games to enjoy on your iPhone? You couldn’t find yourself in a better place than Om APK. While other folks have to wait for the latest updates in the App Store, making do with limited features until they are officially rolled out, you can now take the plunge into iOS games as APK files. No more biding your time to access the app you want to play. Get your hands on it right here, right now.

Our iOS APK games are different from what you are offered in the App Store. Replete with unlockables, they allow you to access the content you have always wanted to dive into. And you don’t have to pay extra for it. We’ve already taken care of it so that you can install any game to your liking and push the boundaries when playing.

Abundance of modded APK games for iOS

At Om APK, your options are as bountiful as game genres themselves. It’s you who decides what you’re going to relish today. Is it a first-person shooter or some racing game? The ball is in your court. Download as many APK iOS games for free as you want and make your playing experience nothing but diverse.

Here we’ve got something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the latest releases in the gaming world or some good old apps like Doom or Mafia, take a moment to find what you love in our selection. It’s updated on a regular basis to make sure you’re not missing out on the most immersive apps. Even so, they are highly compressed, meaning that your iPhone’s storage won’t be full.

What do you need to download APK games for iOS?

You’ll be impressed by how straightforward this process is on our website. To start playing your selected iOS games as APK, you only need to click on them and hit the “Download” button. Those files will be on your device in a second or so, waiting to be installed. That means:

  • no registration at Om APK is required
  • no download limits
  • no fees

Before playing, you may need to verify your iOS device. But don’t worry. It will take you a matter of minutes to do that. Once done, you can immerse yourself in your desired game full of unlocked features and mods. Happy playing!